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At IUPUI, visitors will find the most robust and comprehensive research enterprise in the state. Surrounding our campus are nearly a half dozen hospitals where IUPUI scholars and scientists conduct groundbreaking research and students prepare for their futures in health care. 

17Degree-granting schools

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IUPUI is also home to many research centers and institutes that focus on areas ranging from autonomous vehicle control to controlling cancer, from sports innovation to arts and humanities, from assessment to engaged learning. Whether students are interested in shaping public health policy or understanding the latest 3D bioprinters, they can work with IUPUI's outstanding faculty to follow their curiosity toward innovation.

$633 million in externally funded research, including the IU School of Medicine.

A lab technician takes a blood sample for the Indiana COVID-19 Statewide Prevalence Study

Spotlight on the Indiana COVID-19 Prevalence Study

The Indiana State Department of Health partnered with researchers at the Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI to study the spread of COVID-19 throughout Indiana. The study was the first of its kind and served as a model for other universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

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Spotlight on the Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute

Director of IUPUI's Integrated Nanosystems Institute Mangilal Argawal and researchers at the institute are using copper to make reusable face masks safer and more comfortable for daily use.

Description of the video:

[Music plays]

[Man wearing a white shirt appears on screen]

At Integrated Nanosystems

[Photo of IUPUI campus appears]

Development Institute,

[Man wearing a white shirt reappears on screen]

[The words, Mangilal Agarwal, Director of Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute displayed at bottom of screen]

me and my colleague Dr. Hamid Dalir are working on making reusable

[Closeup of reusable face mask appears on screen]

material that can capture

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

and kill the virus.

[Closeup of a different face mask appears on screen]

Surgical masks can provide you protection

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

with larger particles,

[Video of a microscope in a lab appears]

but for a virus as small as 100 nanometer,

[Child sneezes on screen]

they are not very effective to capture all the

[COVID-19 particles appear on screen]

airborne virus particles.

[Electrospinning equipment appears on screen]

To code this layer, we are using electrospinning

[Closeup of electrospun fibers appear on screen]

technique that we have

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

developed here at IUPUI.

[Video of electrospinning machine appears on screen]

It is similar to like spray painting.

[Women in lab coat points at diagrams of electrosprayed fabric on a white board]

[The words, Vidya Wable, Graduate Student displayed at bottom of screen]

These are the nylon nanofibers, and these are the copper nanoparticles.

[Closeup of the copper nanoparticles diagram appears on screen]

When we electrospin

[Closeup of the electrospinning machine appears]

and electrospray both

[Vidya reappears in front of the white board and diagrams]

simultaneously, it looks

[Vidya points to a diagram example]

like this. So nylon traps

[Vidya reappears in front of the white board and diagrams]

the viruses and copper kills the viruses. 

[Two men in white lab, holding a reusable face mask, appear on screen]

Here you can see we have replaced the middle layer of the surgical mask,

[The words, Pias Kumar Biswas, INDI Research Assistant are displayed at bottom of screen]

and we have modified them with our current technology, which is electrospun nylon fiber and electrosprayed

[Video pans of diagrams of nylon fiber]

copper oxide nanoparticle. You can apply this coating on any other subtrate,

[Electrospinning machine appears on screen]

HVAC filters at home or at commercial buildings, and also schools. 

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

We are also collaborating with local companies

[Pias and colleague reappear on screen]

which are working on the Defense Protection Act to manufacture COVID-related

[Researcher uses a machine in the lab]


[Video shows a closeup of a machine being used by researcher]

Commercialization Office has been tremendous help. Since we disclosed this technology to their office,

[Electrospinning machine appears on screen]

they have helped us to

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

figure out how to start a company,

[Video of a reusable face masks reappears on screen]

filing the patent last year. I think having a unit like ICO

[Video pans over the electrospinning machine]

can make this happen, to work

[Mangilal reappears on screen]

together, collaborate and succeed.

[Screen fades to black; the IU trident and the words Indiana University, appear against black screen.]

[Words fade out; music ends]

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