The IUPUI Effect

At IUPUI, we are one with the city of Indianapolis. We develop talent, educating the leaders of today and tomorrow. We produce knowledge, providing the understanding and expertise that lead to new insights and discoveries. We build our community, finding viable solutions that address real-world challenges. As researchers, educators, students, colleagues, and graduates:

  • We drive innovation.
  • We turn potential into performance.
  • We work together to make our world a better place.

This—and so much more—is The IUPUI Effect.

Description of the video:


[Words appear: IUPUI]

Voiceover speaks: What is the IUPUI effect?

[Video: Orientation leaders dance.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s the fierce pride and determination at a first-time roar, and the world of possibilities you see when standing at the heart of campus; you get a breathtaking view of downtown Indianapolis, where you can see your future.

[Video: A student sits in a race car ready to drive.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s the revving of engines at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, singing in tune with the IUPUI Motorsports engineering program, and it’s the pulse of a human heart you can feel is as your train in one of the country’s largest schools of nursing.

[Words appear: 200,000 graduates.]

Voiceover speaks: Above all, it’s the impact of more than 200,000 graduates from all over the world, many of whom, stay right here in Indiana after graduation.

[Video: Students dance with glow sticks.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s all of this and more.

[Video: Student stands in business professional clothing in a hallway.]

Voiceover speaks: The IUPUI effect is the talent developed to fuel the Indianapolis and Hoosier economy to the tune of more than 1 billion dollars.

[Words appear: 1 billion dollars.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s the knowledge produced by our skilled researchers looking for solutions to some of the biggest problems affecting our state, our nation, and our world.

[Video: Students row in a canoe during the IUPUI Regatta.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s the community built and supported by a campus of students, staff, and faculty, who dedicate countless hours working to make Indianapolis a better place for all.

[Video: Students raise up signs for the final amount of money raised for Riley Children’s Hospital during 2019 Jagathon, totaling $605,178.24 for the kids.]

Voiceover speaks: It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself.

[Video: Students dance in colorful saris.]

Voiceover speaks: A global community. A 50-year legacy.

[Video: Students cheer at the 50th Anniversary Jaguar spirit fest.]

Voiceover speaks: A beacon of innovation.

[Video: An aerial view of IUPUI’s University Library.]

Voiceover speaks: This is the IUPUI effect.

[Video: A series of students smiles.]

Voiceover speaks: And it’s leading us into a future of limitless opportunities.

[Video: A student looks confident with the Indianapolis skyline behind him.]

[Video: IU Trident appears]

[Words appear: IUPUI,]


IUPUI Brings 2020 Vision

Step onto the IUPUI campus, and you enter a new world. At IUPUI, people become Jaguars. Led by award-winning faculty, we push the boundaries of knowledge, charting new territory as we move forward. Our eyes focus on the horizon. Our goal: to make a transformative and positive difference in all that we do. We mark our progress by measuring our impact. In dollars, that’s more than a billion in economic impact on the city.

More important, we measure impact by the accomplishments of our graduates, who take their education with them as they build their communities and change our world.

Graduates smile at the 2019 IUPUI Commencement ceremony.

The IUPUI Effect, like the campus itself, is constantly evolving. It grows with every discovery, every recognition, and, most of all, every graduate. Jaguars are part of something bigger than themselves: a global community, a beacon of innovation, a 50-year legacy. As we look to the future of our campus, our city, and our world, we can be certain that Jaguars will be building that future with tools that they—themselves—have imagined, designed, and created. When we combine talent, knowledge, and community, we get limitless potential.

And that is The IUPUI Effect.

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