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Keenan Harrell works with a child.

Spotlight on Keenan Harrell

Keenan Harrell grew up knowing the benefits of philanthropic giving. He was searching for a career in which he could help others, and he found it as community relations manager for the Baltimore Ravens. Now he's building on this experience by pursuing a master's degree at the Lilly School of Philanthropy.

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Spotlight on Anushri Rajapuri Singh

Graduate student in the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI Anushri Rajapuri Singh knew she wanted to analyze and organize data but didn't know the first thing about health IT. With biohealth informatics faculty member Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha as her mentor, she has helped develop a tool that could help babies, new mothers, and their caregivers around the world and right here at home in Indiana.

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[Video: Back of a woman's head]

Anushri Rajapuri Singh speaks: I chose health informatics here at SOIC because the syllabus that covers a large portion of what I want to really do, which is analyzing data, organizing it.

[Video: Anushri taking notes at a meeting]

It didn't only focus on data analysis, but also, we have certain subjects that include

[Words appear: Anushri Rajapuri Singh]

clinical workflows, EHR systems, standards, and terminologies used in the health-related fields.

[Words appear: Health informatics]

[Video: Anushri speaking during a meeting]

Anushri speaks: The professor I've been working with is Professor Saptarshi Purkayastha. I started working with him in my first semester. It's been a great journey

[Video: Anushri meets with a professor]

huge learning curve, because I know nothing about health IT. And I did tell him in my interview that, "Listen, I don't know this," and he's like.

[Words appear: I want you to work with me, and I want you to learn with me]

"I want you to work with me, and I want you to learn with me." And that was just, wow – you know, like – because I had nothing to offer to him,

[Video: Anushri opens her laptop]

but then he invested his time and his patience and his skillset in me. And I think that's been a great experience. And I don't think I would find such great mentors anywhere else.

[Video: Closeup of Anushri typing on her laptop]

My project is based on developing a clinical decision support tool that follows the APA classification

[Video: Anushri speaks during a meeting]

developed by the Laerdal Foundation, along with the APA on how do you classify babies

[Video: A map of the world representing infant mortality rate magnitude, inequities, and trends from 1980-2011. It shows a increase in infant mortality rate in many parts of the world over that time period]

and giving essential treatment to babies from zero to 24 hours?

[Words appear: We're losing lives when essential tasks are not being performed]

We're losing lives when essential tasks are not being performed – whether the breathing is monitored or not

[Video: A split screen appears where the left side shows an example of the app Anushri is developing and the right side shows someone using the app on their phone.]

or whether the temperature is monitored. Assessment of these certain essential tasks have to be performed from zero to 24 hours. Our app is going to help nurses, health care workers, midwives—remind them that there is a voiceless child out there that also needs attention. That is the goal and aim of our clinical decision support tool that we have developed.

[Video: Anushri speaks to a professor]

Anushri speaks: I'm hoping to work in clinical workflows as a clinical data analyst or within the EHR systems, the electronic health record community because being able to develop a knack for finding loopholes

[Video: A close up of Anushri typing on her laptop]

within the workflow of a clinical system because of what I've been taught and my work in the lab.

[Video: IU trident appears]

[Words appear: IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing Indiana University]


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