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IUPUI focuses on student success

Developing student talent drives us forward at IUPUI. With comprehensive, high-quality programs, students can choose their own direction and aim toward success.

Students take their education at IUPUI far beyond the classroom through internships, clinical training, laboratory research, community-focused projects and jobs in and around the city of Indianapolis. The fact that Indianapolis is home to city, county, state, and federal government offices translates into opportunity for Jaguar learning and growth.


1,850International Students

33%Of Freshmen are students of color

A group of students hang out at the canal by the Indiana State Museum right off of IUPUI's campus.

The number of students studying abroad has been on the rise with more than 600 students extending their IUPUI education around the world.

In 2019, IUPUI welcomed a freshman class that was more diverse and better prepared than ever.

Spotlight on Khrisma McMurray

Khrisma McMurray's journey to becoming an IUPUI student started well before high school through programs like the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) in Indianapolis. IUPUI's longstanding partnership with CLD helps a number of African-American students gain the leadership and academic skills they need to succeed in higher education.

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210,444Graduates since 1969

7,105Graduates in 2018-19

Over 90%Of graduates remain in state

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