Welcoming Campus

A campus that welcomes all

With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, IUPUI aims to be a truly welcoming campus. For the university, this goal is both an opportunity and a responsibility as we move into the future.

Launched in spring 2016, the Welcoming Campus Initiative is a collaborative, culture-driven endeavor to make IUPUI a destination campus that prioritizes student success, supports faculty and staff, embraces visitors, and promotes ongoing partnerships with the community.

Improving welcome through innovation

The promise of a more welcoming campus was advanced through 25 Welcoming Campus Innovation projects starting in 2017. Ranging from establishing a campus art fund to developing special programs for low-income and first-generation students, the projects are being implemented through the Welcoming Campus Innovation Fund—a $1 million fund that provides internal grants of up to $25,000 with matching funds from the proposing departments or units.

Welcoming Campus project themes

Conceived and driven by people and groups across campus, the projects relate to one of the following themes of the Welcoming Campus Initiative:

  • Communicating who we are
  • Creating a vibrant and inclusive student experience
  • Designing an accessible, inspiring urban campus
  • Engaging and integrating with the community
  • Investing in faculty and staff

Making a place for our heritage

Working with longtime resident Thomas Ridley, School of Science Dean Simon Rhodes is collaborating with colleagues to create a permanent exhibition in the Science Engineering Lab Building on Blackford Street that will “walk” visitors through the history of the land upon which IUPUI now stands.

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