Research & Innovation

Tackling the problem on a grand scale

IUPUI and Indiana University more broadly responded to this crisis with the third project in IU’s Grand Challenges program: “Responding to the Addictions Crisis.”

School of Nursing Dean Robin Newhouse is leading this comprehensive, multidisciplinary initiative to tackle Indiana’s opioid epidemic in collaboration with partners and communities across the state.

$1.4 billion campus research budget at IUPUI in 2016–17

$365 million in external funding received in 2016–17

1,867grants received for research in 2016–17

Increasing diversity in STEM programs

Students work in the Advanced Visualization Lab at the School of Informatics and Computing.

An idea to attract more diverse students into STEM programs has become an initiative that can drive Indiana’s workforce. Our award-winning Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) program partners with local businesses to provide cutting-edge IT education to a diverse population of Indianapolis high school students.

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