Constantly Evolving

Taking education online

Keeping pace with our changing world and meeting students where they are, IUPUI also offered more than 8,000 online courses this academic year. And students are taking advantage. 

More than 11,000 IUPUI students—nearly 40 percent of our student body—take at least one online course.

For many students, these courses fill a critical need. For instance, IUPUI played a key role in delivering online graduate coursework to high school teachers. This is education that makes a difference, and this is our specialty.

478distinct degree and certificate programs

8,000+online courses

11,000+students take online courses

Continuing to evolve

IUPUI remains one of the country’s premier urban campuses and continually searches for new ways to share our state’s most comprehensive academic university with a much larger audience.


An informatics student at work.

1991: The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences was founded. It later combined with PETM to form the School of Health & Human Sciences.

1997: University College was founded.

1999: The School of Informatics and Computing, the first school of its kind in the country, was founded.

2009: IUPUI Honors College was founded.

2012: Two schools were founded: the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, which was formally named in honor of a gift from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation in 2013, and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, which has roots in the Center on Philanthropy and is the world’s first school of philanthropy. It was renamed in honor of the Lilly family in 2013.

2018 : Two schools and one center were formed: the School of Education at IUPUI, which was established as an independent school with focus on urban education; the School of Health & Human Sciences, which formed after the merger of PETM and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; and IU Fort Wayne, which has a focus on health sciences.

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