Spotlight: Internships

Juan’s internship lead and advisor Kevin Fryling, news and media specialist for science with IU Communications, remembers the Fort Wayne native well.

“We challenged Juan with a variety of tasks. Whether it was writing a story, interviewing surgeons or students, covering events and keeping a school-wide calendar, he had a knack for getting the job done.”

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Guzman speaks: It was probably halfway through my freshman year that an individual I had spoken with who was LHSI intern at the time had mentioned the program and mentioned how valuable it actually was to her career or her educational journey. Kevin Frying fortunately for me was my internship preceptor and so I had a great opportunity to learn from him.


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Guzman speaks: And to learn from some of the individuals around the IU communications office


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Fryling speaks: I think we first met Juan during the interview process. There's sort of a matching process with the Life Health Sciences internship program and he had expressed interest in our office and we had expressed interest in him due to his background and I mean right from the beginning, during the interview, he was extremely professional, extremely well-spoken, you could just tell he was really on the ball. We were really excited about the opportunity to work

with him. The scope of the internship, of the responsibilities in this position ran everything from conducting interviews, writing stories, covering events and photography as well as maintaining a digital signage system across campus and an online calendar system.


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Guzman speaks: I think the first day with Kevin really consisted of kind of getting to know each other, having lunch and really talking about what does IU

Communications do for the university. What kind of interesting stories or how do we tell our story better as a university both locally and nationally as well. So it was really more of an orientation but we got to be great friends after that day.


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Fryling speaks: I remember one particularly challenging assignment that Juan took on was a profile of Aaron Cohen-Gadal.


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Fryling speaks: Who's one of the top surgeons over at IU Health


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Fryling speaks: And I remember that he came back from that just very enthusiastic and very excited and very inspired from interviewing this doctor who has just cared so much for his patients.


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Guzman speaks: In my current role as director of planning and strategy for IU Health West Hospital I'm in charge of the strategic planning process for the facility and anything kind of in the western suburbs of Indianapolis. I'm tasked with trying to understand what does the IU Health footprint need to look like both on-site, in the facility in terms of the hospital, and off-site within the next three to five years. I’m really kind of in charge of understanding what are the needs of the community and how does IU Health better address those needs. I think today I'm conversing with academicians, researchers, providers on a daily basis and I think the LHSI internship really set me up well for that. Being able to interview them, talk to them about their work, talk to them about the research and what they're doing for the patients really set me up well for a career in Healthcare Administration and be able to kind of speak the lingo of a clinician, not just a hospital administrator or the business side of healthcare.


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