Spotlight: Living at IUPUI

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>> My proudest accomplishment here at IUPUI has definitely been all the leadership positions that I’ve held. So whether that be through Phi Mu, resident assistant, or philanthropy-wise, it’s just been a great experience, and led me to where I am now.
>> My first impression of campus was the community aspect.

So I came for a campus tour, and, immediately, I felt like I was part of campus. My tour guides, as well as the offices that I got to visit while I was here, really made me feel like a person rather than a number. I then learned about being a resident assistant throughout housing, which is kind of like a mentor for students who live on the floor.

So I am now a resident assistant in our newest housing option, North Hall.

>> So I think campus housing is really, really important. And one of the major reasons is that I think that we, a lot of times, have the opportunity to be the one that helps the student stay on campus when they may not think that they're gonna stay at IUPUI.

>> Being here at IUPUI, I’ve had all the same opportunities as a big college. But I’ve also been able to have more opportunities as well with having Indianapolis right outside my doorstep, basically. I’ve been able to network. And, also, having the staff that really cares and the professors that really care, I’m able to have that attentive education aspect when it comes to my courses as well.

>> I think our IUPUI students have a terrific connection to the Indianapolis community. And one of the best examples actually happens through one of our residential-based learning communities, called Purdue House. And one of those majors in that school is motor sports engineering. And that student group is able to go out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and work out there, and internship with some of the companies that work out there on the track.

And so they actually can be in Indianapolis, and then be a part of one of the most famous race tracks in the entire world. You can, basically, walk from IUPUI to a business downtown, and work for a couple of hours, and then come right back, and go to class.

And it’s just that it's a different energy. The city, I think Indianapolis is a great place. And just, the school feeds off of that.

On a campus that has, for nearly half a century, been committed to educational excellence—a campus that has grown and changed over nearly 50 years in response to students’ needs—they will find in North Hall a welcoming campus home.

Michael A. McRobbie, IU President