Spotlight: Hands-on Innovation

Description of the video:

>> The IAC, the Industrial Assessment Center is a program sponsored and funded by the US Department of Energy. To help small and mid-sized manufacturing companies to cut back on their energy usage and lower their cost.

>> We do about 20 audits or 20 companies a year. The amount of saving average is about 20%.

If you think about a company which has utility bills of $2 million, which is very common, 20% is 400k, so that will directly go back to their profit.

>> Recently we started a partnership between the Industrial Assessment Center and the campus facility services. Where we started looking more into optimizing the HVAC systems on campus.

>> We are also developing programs to train the energy engineers for the future.
>> It’s very different to study a material in classroom and to experience it on an actual facility or a plant.
>> Based on the statistics, 50% of the entire energy consumed by United States, 50% are used for buildings and industry.

That can be translated into $400 billion a year. If we can reduce the waste of the energy by 10%, the impact will be very significant.

>> Every single machine uses energy and there are always ways to optimize these processes, so that you can become more efficient.

>> By working with us, we will be able to help you to identify the area where you can save energies.

So you don't need to invest additional personnels on this particular topic.

>> It’s a free energy audit with a $10,000 value. You will save big money. You will maximize your profit and you will definitely save the world. IAC is amazing.